387, Lorong Amarasegara Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Saturday at 6:00pm (C), Sunday at 8:30am (E)/11:00am (C)

New Sanctuary Building Fund Raising



这新圣殿原本的预算建筑费用为马币四百多万(RM4 million)。经过弟兄姐妹同心与努力下,已筹得马币三百多万。除了尚欠的数目以外,我们还需另筹一百万供内部装修之用。


日期:30/6/2012 (星期六)

1. 认献餐桌,每桌 RM3,000《赠送2张嘉宾邀请卡》
2. 或是认献半桌 RM1,500《曾送1张嘉宾邀请卡》
目标:100桌的目标(RM 30万)
3. 每一张餐票 RM100 ,目标:800人


Dear members of our PCMC family,

Ten months have passed since construction work began on our new church building at Taman Chi Liung. By the good hand of the Lord, progress has been smooth.

Estimated cost for building the new church is RM4 million. Thanks to your combined efforts and commitment, about RM3 million have been raised so far. However, besides the remaining sum of the construction cost, we still need an additional RM1 million for interior renovation work of the building.

In view of the financial need, we are holding a fund raising dinner. We’d like to inform you on the date and you may be a part of this work:

Date:30/6/2012 (Saturday)

There are three ways to contribute:
1. Sponsoring dinner tables: RM3,000 per table. Sponsor will be given two (2) free VIP invitation cards for each table
2. Sponsoring half a dinner table: RM1,500. Sponsor will be given one (1) free VIP invitation card.
Note: Our target is to raise sponsorship for 100 tables (RM 300,000).
3. Buying dinner tickets: RM100 per seat. Note: our target number of attendance is 800 persons.

We look forward to your participation in this building fund raising effort. Thank you!


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