387, Lorong Amarasegara Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Saturday at 6:00pm (C), Sunday at 8:30am (E)/11:00am (C)

Love You 1 Shen 1 Shi

A very good start for the lovers in PCMC to encounter L.O.V.E love in the form of code of 1101 (11 Jan), which can be sound in Mandarin Yi Shen Yi Shi (forever), 1 love forever or only love you forever :)

About 20 over couples attended & had their beautiful candle light dinner in Denny & Partners (Klang). Here, they did many crazy thing such as wrote love letter to each other, send flower, vow, kiss & hug like never before hehe.. it’s been a long time for them. It’s such a special day for them to find their way back into love. Congratulation!

I felt this song quite suit them.

More and more in here :) Enjoy.


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