387, Lorong Amarasegara Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Saturday at 6:00pm (C), Sunday at 8:30am (E)/11:00am (C)

Road to Sekinchan

Yahoo! Finally our mission completed. Though I missed my bed badly, but the experience in Sekinchan is worth more then the trip. Frankly, I dislike missionary all this while because of several reasons. But it totally changed my point of view this time – at least. I can see how effective is this ministry although it might not run 100% smoothly as plan which for some certain extend, the local church really in needed some supports from us. Jesus quotes the second greatest commandment ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, not only for the people between non-believers & believers. It’s also for among Christians, between church to church & ministry to ministry, to equip each of us to win salvation. I got to learn more on this.

This cute kid very pandai talk. He’s only 4 years old & kept sticking with me & rub my hands because of my skin smoother than the sisters 😛 But he designate me as ‘uncle’ :(

I made above 2 pictures as wallpaper. Download the full resolution at here sekinchan1 & sekinchan2.

Check the rest here 😉


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