387, Lorong Amarasegara Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Saturday at 6:00pm (C), Sunday at 8:30am (E)/11:00am (C)


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December 1, 2011 Can I date you? *updated* ** Photos are now available for view, please click here. A special Christmas Party for 100 handsome and pretty nobles to reveal their macho and charm-ness . Reserve your place now! Date: 17th Dec 2011 Time: 630pm Venue: Pandamaran Methodist Church 23,882
October 28, 2011 2011卫青祷告营 (MYF Prayer Camp) 主题思想: 怎么你们不能同我警醒片时吗?(马太 26:40-45,马可 14:37-41, 路加 22:45-46) “Could you men not keep watch with me for a moment more?” 门徒一而再,再而三地睡着了。耶稣也一再地提醒他们起来祷告。 然而,人心灵固然愿意,肉体就软弱了…… 你呢? 祷告不是附加的,而是必需的。Not added-on but needed. 专心祷告而不是顺便祷告。 不是我舍弃什么或牺牲多少,而是我选择那上好的福分。 这些难道我不知道吗?你以为我不知道吗? 日期:27-28/11/2011 地点:班达马兰卫理公会 Pandamaran Chinese Methodist Church 住宿: Crystal Crown Hotel, Port Klang 10,545
May 28, 2011 MYF Evangelistic Camp (4D3N) This camp is open for youth aged 18-35. You can bring your friends along. Please view below for more info Theme: 寻找 Date: 2 – 5 June 2011 Venue: Malacca EL Sanctuary (http://www.elsanctuary.com) Speaker: 萧帝佑牧师 Contact Person: Tzyy Yang (0163443997) 23,787
July 25, 2010 Introspection 4,887
December 19, 2007 Market Christmas Promo After our previous visitation to kindergarten kids families, we make our move to more challenging state, the morning market! It seems unbelievable but through the Lord, over 3K tracts has been distributed within 2 hrs. Praise the Lord! Most of 659
December 13, 2007 MY Fellowship 4 Final Despite been busy for Christmas preparation & planning, we finally went through this. We didn’t make it to top 3, but very glad to see fellow members whom been awarded by their gifted talents. Below are the results: 第一名: 班登英达堂青年团 765
October 29, 2007 MY Fellowship 4 – We’re entering the FINAL! Yahoo! We never expect we could able to enter to the final especially seen many strong contestants during rehearsal..gulp :-S! And our aim is just to join the event & play the song. That’s it. Some of member will be 36
September 20, 2007 Road to Sekinchan Yahoo! Finally our mission completed. Though I missed my bed badly, but the experience in Sekinchan is worth more then the trip. Frankly, I dislike missionary all this while because of several reasons. But it totally changed my point of 23,890